Vehicle Wrap Installation

D&F Wraps offers the very best vehicle wrapping & applied graphics installation in the area and quite possibly the country. With all work being done in-house with our designers, our printers, and our installers, the whole process is seamless.

Design Development

Starting with the design process, we choose a style that relates to  your brand and offerings. A combination of eye catching graphics along with important information such as contact information, website address, and keywords describing your business are included when putting the design together.

3m Vinyl Wrap Installation CT | Vehicle Wrap Installation Cheshire CT

Installation Process

Vehicle Wrap Installation is usually completed in 1-3 days depending on the size of the vehicle and detail of the wrap. If you’re on a strict deadline, be sure to let us know. Once your install is completed, it’s suggested to let vehicles stay an extra day for vinyl curation, ensuring enough time for the wrap to be secured. D&F Wraps uses the finest quality 3M vinyl and maintains a climate controlled facility ensuring the vinyl installation process is done right the first time.


At D&F Wraps, we take pride in our graphic design work. We do all of our work in house, both in the graphic design process and wrap installation and we are able to get the job done quickly and proficiently.

Cleaning the Project First

The number one reason vinyl fails is due to peeling. While this could be due to harsh weather and low maintenance, the number one reason vinyl fails is because it isn’t cleaned well enough prior to vinyl installation. This isn’t the case with D&F Wraps.

  • All clients are required to take their car through a car wash prior to dropping it off to be wrapped.
  • The car is then inspected and cleaned with an isopropyl alcohol solution to eliminate all grease and left over dirt.
  • D&F Wraps maintains a climate-controlled shop to avoid getting any dust or debris under the wrap and eliminate the potential for breaking or tearing it due to unwelcome temperature changes.

Wrap Removal & Warranty

Although vinyl car wraps have a shelf life of 7-10 years, harsh weather can cause vinyl to crack, and the wrap should be removed as soon as possible; therefore, 3M suggest wrap removal after 4 years. Even though 3M doesn’t offer a warranty on the actual wrap, D Wraps offers a Three Year Warranty on all vertical surfaces. The warranty covers peeling of the wrap on specified areas for all vehicle wrap installations.

If you have any questions, give us a call today at (860) 550-1873 or contact online here!

3m Vinyl Wrap Installation CT, Vehicle Wrap Removal Cheshire CT